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The 23rd Printing South China/Sino-Label 2016

更新时间:2016-02-01 10:25:12

Supreme Development Plastic Packaging(shenzhen) Co., Ltd is attending the 23rd Printing South China/Sino-Label 2016 Fair.

Fair: The 23rd Printing South China/Sino-Label 2016 Fair

Time: 2016.03.02-04 (09:30-17:30)

Venue: Area B, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China.

Our Booth: 9.1hall - A735

Printing South China

South China - One of world's four largest printing industrial base, is developing steadily in the tough economic situation. With an increasing concentration ratio, the printing industrial scale is leading the whole China, which reflects a high potential.

Automation, Intelligent, Efficiency, Green product upgrades printing industrial  

Now is industrial 4.0 Era, in a time full of automation, intelligent, networked, informational etc keywords, China printing industrial is facing a challenge. Together with the transition period to printing kingdom, stable growing of China GDP, China printing industry ushers new opportunities with the upgrading the industry.

Run through printing, packing, label and packaging products industrial chain

Printing South China fair roots south China market. With 23 years development, is becoming an international fair covers printing, packing, labels and packaging products four categories, exhibits new technologies and developing trends of printing and packaging industrial chain, providing customers a one-stop purchasing platform. We are aiming to assist industrial upgrading, embracing printing new era.

Printing South China Fair Map

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