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Flexible Packaging Materials

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Packaging Materials varies a lot from the common papers, plastic films, plastic containers, glasses, metal boxes, metal cans to clothes, linens, wooden boxes etc, all provide the function of physical protection, barrier protection, permeation, containment or agglomeration, information transmission, marketing, security, convenience, portion control.

Supreme Packaging has dedicated in flexible packaging industry for more than four decades, we serve plastic packaging materials covers single layer film, co-extruded film and multi-layer laminated films, pp sheet etc. Below are the details for your reference.

Single Layer Films:

LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene

LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene

MDPE - Medium Density Polyethylene

HDPE - Hign Density Polyethylene

PP - Polypropylene 

PPE - polypropylene ether/oxide

EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate 

Co-extruded Films:

LDPE/HDPE – 2 layers co-extruded

LDPE/HDPE/LDPE – 3 layers co-extruded

LDPE – 5 layers co-extruded

Laminated Films:

PET -  polyethylene terephthalate 

OPP - O-phenyl phenol 

CPP - Cast Polypropylene 


AL - Aluminum

NL - Nylon

Craft Paper

Eco Material:

D2W - Degradable Additive

EPI - Degradable Additive

Green PE – Low Carbon Release Additive 

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