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Supreme Packaging Printing Technology

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Supreme Packaging recommends its customers the most suitable printing method flexio printing or gravure printing according to different demands for plastic film printing. We also provide silk screen printing for small tailor-made orders.

Flexio Printing

poly resin plate

Flexio printing is named from the flexible poly resin plate, and due to its raised images, it’s also called relief printing.The poly resin plate is small and thin to be packed in roll. It’s easy to fix on a cylinder when printing, and the plate costs little. But it has limits, the low printing precision makes it only able applying to simple logo and words printing. Besides, the plastic film sizes need to adjust in accordance with cylinder size where the plate fixed on, a tailor-made cylinder is uneconomical in flexio printing. Supreme Packaging owns more than ten 6 color, 8 color, 12 color flexio printing machines to give you the most economic packaging choice.

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is also called copper plate printing, as its images were laser engraved on a copper plated round hollow iron cylinder. It can be tailor made by any size beyond 370mm circle. The laser engraving has a quite high precision, making it able to print portrait, objects, sceneries etc complex images.

copper plate

Gravure printing has too different ways of outer gravure printing and inner gravure printing. The inner gravure printing is mostly applying with lamination processing. The images under the shinning plastic show a more fancy effect.

However, the copper plate is big, heavy and costs much higher than poly resin plate. Supreme Packaging installed more than 10 high speed automatic 8 colors, 10 colors and 12 colors at most gravure printing machines, meet your high standard printing demand.

Silk Screen Printing

To help customers with small tailor made orders, we also provide silk screen printing. This method can only able to print simple and single images or colors at a lower efficiency. But it’s also another economic choice for small orders.

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